Upcoming Events

No events coming up right now. Please see below for past events, these events typically repeat every year and will repeat themselves next year. If you are looking to start coding education with us, give us a try by signing up for a free class by clicking here.

Past Events

3D Print Your Own Ornament [December 21, 2019 ]

Join us for a 2 hour class on designing, and printing, your own 3D ornament! Each student, ages 8 and up, will be led by expert 3D teachers to design their own ornament using 3D design software.Then, they will be shown how to start a 3D print using our in-house 3D printers. 3D printing machines are slow, so completed prints will need to be picked up on the next day (or we can hold on to it for as long as you need).

Fall Family Festival [October 12, 2019 ]

Code With Us is providing fun activities, 3D print give-aways, and informational material at this large event in San Jose. It is at Cunningham Lake and should be the largest publically held event by the City of San Jose this year!

Coding Challenge And Games [October 5, 2019 ]

From 10AM to Noon, Code With Us is teaming up in AFKxp in Campbell to provide a 2-hour experience free to the public(reservation on this page required). AFXxp will be opening their doors for students to use their computers and consoles. From 10AM to 11AM, visitors can participate in a fun challenge to code a game with help from Code With Us teachers. This is a family-friendly event sponsored by Code With Us, please make sure to register online before the event is full!

Cambrian Park Fair [August 25, 2019 ]

Code With Us had tons of fun at the Cambrian Fall Fair hosted by councilmember Pam Foley! Thank you to City Council and our community-at-large for a great time. We handed out hundreds of 3D prints, and encouraged children to participate in coding!

Introduction To Biotechnology Workshop [July 27, 2019 ]

Every Saturday, from 6PM to 7:30PM, between July 6th and July 27th, a student at Code With Us, Anya Sikri, gave four FREE sessions of a Biotechnology workshop at our Campbell classroom. Anya Sikri taught topics ranging from bioTech applications to enzymes used in culturing. It was a blast, plus it was a great opportunity to learn about biotechnology and to enjoy our lab.

Bring Your Kids To Work Day At Hewlett Packard [July 11, 2019 ]

Code With Us was at HP Headquarters in Santa Clara for annual Bring Kids To Work day event. We taught Scratch, Arduino C++, 3D Printing, and Virtual Reality!

Bring Your Kids To Work Day At Intel [June 20, 2019 ]

Code With Us will be at Intel Headquarters in Santa Clara for annual Bring Kids To Work day event. We will teach Scratch, Arduino C++, 3D Printing, and Virtual Reality!

Bring Your Kids To Work Day At Google [May 1, 2019 ]

Code With Us gave coding education in Scratch, 3D printing, Robotics, and Virtual Reality at Google's offices in San Francisco. Look at this picture of the large conference room we were teaching in! Tons of fun.

Bay Area Technology And Coding Fair [April 27, 2019 ]

Code With Us presented at the Bay Area Technology and Coding Fair at the Westgate Mall in San Jose. Check out this picture of how busy it was!

About Events

Our events are held either in our locations or at locations of corporate headquarters in the area. If you'd like us to host an event at your corporate location, or if you want to host an educational event at on of our teaching labs, please contact us at (408)909-7717 or email

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