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We have the right path in coding education for any age (Kids 5+, Teens, and Adults) or experience level. Students can pick from over 13 topics and programming languages.

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We listen carefully to parents of young students. By paying attention to the parents' feedback, we are able to create the best coding education for them.

13+ topics including...
...Python. ...C++ and C#. ...Design, 3D, VR. ...Javascript. ...SQL, HTML, CSS.

Learning any programming language is valuable. We teach all popular programming languages and topics including design. You can choose to explore all the topics or specifically focus on one topic. Our unique small-group and one-on-one classes allow for highly personalized and successful lessons. Lessons are project-oriented meaning students will finish projects as they learn!

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Our mission at Code With Us is to teach quality coding education for all ages. No matter the experience level of the student, we will fully cater to the needs of the student. Try a free lesson and see if you like it! We currently teach in-person in Campbell for South Bay Area residents. For those that are too far, we have online screen-sharing classes at the same price!


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