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These are temporarily discounted prices for May-August!

Camps and workshops are held every week in the year based on age groups and experience levels. Several topics are available including Scratch, Python, JavaScript, Arduino C++, and more. Please tell us about which week you would like camp, and for what age, by filling out the form here. Or, call us at (408) 909-7717 to reserve a spot for the right age and experience level.


Half-day camp

9AM to 12PM OR
1PM to 4PM
Monday - Thursday
Add Friday for $72 $60


Full-day camp


Add Friday for $92 $75


Single day online workshop
9AM to 12PM OR
1PM to 4PM
Single Day
Pick any day of the week

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About Camp

Our camps allow students between the ages of 5 and 18 to pursue a coding project, or multiple, with all the help and resources they need. This is thanks to our coding environment allowing students to pursue their creativity with a teacher-to-student ratio of 6-to-1 for in-person camps and 4-to-1 for online camps.

Please either fill out the form on this page, start a chat, or call (408) 909-7717 to receive information on current availability.

Project Based

Our educational environment encourages students to create unique and custom projects. We recognize that coding is more fun when students have the resources, space, and time to create something great! That is why we provide everything necessary including very knowledge-able staff, experienced teachers, and high-end technology.

Students can pick the topic based on their age! Topics include Robotics, Python, JavaScript, Scratch, and much more.

Don't forget about our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If the student or their parent is not satisfied at any time during camp, we will provide a full refund and still perform the camp!

Call us: (408) 909-7717