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Posted on 8/29/2019

My first one star review. I never give any, but I feel this one warranted it.

I'll keep this as short as possible as no one reads long reviews. I signed up my son and daughter for one week of summer code camp at Code Ninjas. During the second day, my daughter had a huge anxiety attack and meltdown because she couldn't keep up with the class and felt she was left too far behind everyone else. She does not have any special needs, nor does she have a school IEP. Her reaction was a shock to me. Eventually I arrived to pick both my children up.

Code Ninjas center is ill equipped to handle anything like this. I realize this place is not a daycare, as Code Ninja pointed out to me, as well as pointing out no refund policy and behavior policy. The only thing Code Ninjas needed to do was to contact me, as the Primary Contact, but they failed to do so. I could have been their sooner and perhaps calmed her down sooner if they would have followed their own contact policy.

This being said, the whole incident left a bad taste. I felt Code Ninjas were more worried about parents seeing the incident (bad for business I guess) and hustling us out the door than with the well being of my daughter.

If you decide to take your child to Code Ninjas, just make sure they understand their contact policy clearly.

Posted on 04/15/2020

While I understand that Code Ninjas is a franchise operation I have had a recent experience that has prompted me to strongly advise against putting your children into this program. My advisement is not in any way related to the content that children learn as I do believe that teaching kids how to code and creative think has huge potential. My issues are with the way in which Code Ninjas runs and handles potential issues. My children were enrolled in a program for over a year and a half and have attended many summer/day camps in addition to Code Ninjas regular program. At some point the owner of our franchise had financial issues and was over taken by the HeadQuarters/Regional Group. Since then I have been advised that the location is shut down and all the money that I paid for Summer Camps (yet to be provided) is basically gone. The Headquarters/Regional say that it is the responsibility of the franchisee to reimburse me and the franchisee states they were kicked out and stolen from. Now I know that legal issues happen all the time in issues like this but I find it that HeadQuarters putting me as the customer directly in the middle of a legal issue is ridiculous. Code Ninjas should do the right thing and take care of their clients as making someone have to be in the middle is bad business practice. Be smart and teach your kids coding on your own with materials you can purchase or get online.....

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