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A Codeverse customer review posted online:

Posted on 12/04/2017

Although the room is cool and nice and inspiring, Codeverse is waaaaaay overpriced. $ 225 for 4 sessions = $ 55 per 75 minute session. Essentially all that really happens here is Code Verse gives your kid and iPad and an app to play with in a pretty room with 15 other kids and two teenagers (or thereabouts) supervising them. The kids can effect the lights and sounds in the room through programming the app. It's not one on one instruction, maybe 5 to 1 at best. Most kids activities are $ 10-20 per session. You can get one on one music tutoring for kids for $ 20-25 per session. The pricing seems greedy and non kid-oriented. Additionally they only teach their proprietary coding language so any projects your kids work on at Codeverse, they can only work on at Codeverse. They can't it home and continue to work on it. They can't use it in school, they can't apply it directly in the world. I think the Codeverse owners should focus more on serving the community and less on overcharging each parent.

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