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Below is a Juni Learning customer review posted online

Posted on 11/28/2020

I noticed about Juni coding class is not trusted kids coding class. I recognized family pay more money. Juni Learning stretches the courses to 6 months longer after your child start courses. The course designed takes 3 months, but they extend to 6 months. The reason Juni Learning gives you “modules not completed “ This reason not our problem. It is the school problem if they don’t cover the course on time.The school should be follow the syllabus to finish in three months. Because of their false reasons, we don’t need pay additional three months extra money. If you don’t follow up them, you spent more money. I paid $1000.00 in four months without any significant knowledge specifically during this pandemic. This it happened to my child and I stopped. Please let family evaluate if the same thing happened to you. I don’t recommend this kids coding Juni Learning school to anyone again.

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