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Coding Classes for Ocean Grove Charter School Students

The idea of coding education during early school years has generated unprecedented interest recently, with studies indicating that it is critically important for students educationally and socially to learn how to code starting in early school years. Research shows that learning how to code starting in Kindergarten has many benefits.

Top 10 benefits of kids learning to code:

  1. Increased academic motivation
  2. Improve and acquire technology skills
  3. Improve mathematical and science skills
  4. Ability to problem solve
  5. Teamwork, collaboration, and mutual assistance
  6. Development of critical thinking
  7. Improved self-esteem and sense of competence
  8. Development of creativity
  9. Increased resilience in the face of challenges
  10. Enhanced reasoning, organization, and planning skills

With this in mind, Code With Us has partnered with Ocean Grove Charter School to offer coding classes for Ocean Grove Charter students. If you’re are an existing student, please contact your Education Specialist (ES) to register for a class.

Vendor Name: Code With Us

Ocean Grove Vendor No.: IEM18443

Option 1 - Small Group Class (3 to 1 ratio) - $148/month

Option 2 - Private Class (1 to 1) - $240/month

*10% Sibling Discount

If you are interested to join Ocean Grove Charter, please visit https://ogcs.org/iemschools/enroll to check enrollment information.

About Code With Us:

At Code With Us we teach online coding classes for kids. We are based in Silicon Valley and were founded in 2016. Providing coding education to students in the U.S and internationally. We teach online, in-person and on school campuses. We teach 15+ coding topics which include programming languages, robotics, virtual reality, 3D printing and creative game design. Besides the U.S. we have students from Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. 

Code With Us teachers are Computer Science graduates from top universities are based in the U.S. Our teachers are thoroughly vetted for their coding skills, teaching ability and background before joining the team.

Our classes are available for students ages 5 to 18. Online Classes are private or small group classes. We customize lessons and projects based on student interests and level. Teachers explain and break down every step of the code and its purpose while students work on their projects. Students actively participate in coding competitions. Their performance extends to Hackathons organized by large corporations and groups. We believe in giving personalized attention to each student and implement project-based learning. Not everyone learns at the same pace or with the same style. We have developed customized curricula that our teachers use to provide step-by-step instructions to create games and projects in the coding language of the student's interest. Our teachers explain coding fundamentals while working on projects. We have noticed this method to be an excellent way to enhance students' learning experiences and to keep them engaged.

We are the preferred partner of Google, Salesforce, HP, Intel and many other large corporations for kids/family coding events at their corporate campuses.

About Ocean Grove Charter School:

Ocean Grove Charter School (OGCS) is a WASC accredited charter school managed by Innovative Education Management (IEM). The school is part of the IEM family of parent choice charter schools that thousands of families have chosen for their children in grades K through 12 since 1993. OGCS was approved as an independent study charter by the California Department of Education in 2005. The school serves students in Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, and San Mateo counties. 

Parents work with a California credentialed teacher to develop individualized learning opportunities by: choosing home-based or community based instruction, select individualized curriculum based on learning style and functioning grade level, providing materials, resources and supportive instruction, promoting real-life context-based learning. Our Educational Specialist are highly trained, certified credentialed professionals available to you as needed in home based and independent study learning environments. Learn more about our school by attending an information session or calling Parent Support at 1-844-283-7113.

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