Silicon Valley Family Teams up with Code With Us

Silicon Valley Family is excited to partner with Code With Us to offer technology education to students in the Bay Area and beyond

“I loved that I received a personal note from his instructor each day after classes ended, describing what they were working on and what they’d try next.”

Our Experience at Code With Us

My son took his first online coding class with Code With Us in July 2020, and it was an absolute hit. We were amazed by how personalized the lessons were. While the teacher provided project ideas and structure, he let my son’s interests and curiosity drive the lessons. Time and again, I heard my son say, “What would happen if we _______?”, and then they would explore that train of thought together — such a great way to keep a kid engaged and excited!

I also loved that I received a personal note from his instructor each day after classes ended, describing what they were working on and what they’d try next. The instructor seemed to really “get” my son, which was nice to see.

My son ended up coding some really interesting and complex programs, and loving every minute of it. He became much more confident in his ability to come up with cool ideas and bring them to fruition.

We are so excited to continue our Code With Us lessons this summer (he’s starting Minecraft camp this week!), and I’m even more excited to team up with Code With Us to share their camps and lessons with my readers. The exceptionally low student:teacher ratio (3:1 online, 5:1 in person) offers SO much value as kids are learning to code — coding is definitely not a “one size fits all” activity, and the ability to tailor lessons to the kids’ individual needs, interests, and areas of curiosity is priceless. I hope your kids enjoy learning to code as much as mine has!

About Silicon Valley Family

My name is Kristin, and I run the Silicon Valley Family (formerly Silicon Valley Toddler) blog. I’ve been sharing my favorite activities, adventures, products, and places in the Bay Area since 2013, and I’m so grateful for the 20,000+ followers who have come along for the ride.

I grew up in the South Bay and now live in San Jose with my husband, two kids (a son and a daughter), and puppy. I love hiking with my family, traveling to Disneyland and Lake Tahoe, exploring the Bay Area, and sharing the wonderful things I find. Being a resource for local parents is far more rewarding than my former job as a lawyer, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have found a role that I enjoy so much.

About Code With Us

Code With Us is a Silicon Valley based EDTech organization founded in 2016. From there, they expanded to teach at multiple in-person locations and at 50+ school campuses in the SF Bay and in the greater New York area. They are one of the largest U.S based online technology education schools with over 6000 students from all over world. Besides the U.S and Canada, they have students in Europe, Australia and Asia learning various programming languages, robotics, virtual reality, 3D printing and creative game design. Popular coding topics are Scratch, Roblox (Lua), Minecraft Modding, Python, JavaScript, Arduino and many more...

Entire teaching staff of Code With Us is U.S based, and Computer Science graduates and students from top universities. Teachers are thoroughly vetted for their coding skills, teaching ability and background before joining the team, they also go through regular training to improve their teaching skill.

Classes are available for students ages 5 to 18. Teachers provide personal attention to each student, giving customized lessons and projects based on the students' interests and learning ability. Teachers explain and break down steps of the code and its purpose while working on the projects.

Code With Us students actively participate in coding competitions. Their performance extends to Hackathons organized by large corporations and groups. Code With Us is the preferred partner of Google, Salesforce, HP, Intel and many other large corporations for internal kids/family coding events.

Teaching Principle:

Code With Us believes in giving personalized attention to each student and implement project-based learning. Not everyone learns at the same pace or with the same style. Their customized curricula along with the teaching method provide step-by-step instructions while explaining the fundamentals to create games and projects in the coding language of the student's interest.