How to Introduce Your Child to Coding

08-Jan-21, 08:12:36, Admin
How to Introduce Your Child to Coding

Nowadays, coding is one of the most important skills that a child can have. As our world becomes increasingly technology-dependent, an understanding of this technology is paramount to a successful career. Many parents want to introduce their kids at a young age to coding by exposing them to the basics. But how can that best be done? There are a couple of factors. You want to make sure that your child is at the right age to begin coding, make coding fun for your child, and provide support wherever you can. 

A good way to gauge whether your child might be reading for coding or not is by gauging their reading skills. Most coding languages will at least require a fundamental knowledge of language (Scratch Jr. is a great introduction for kids that may not know how to read yet). If your child is learning how to read and getting more familiar with short sentences and simple words, they might be ready to begin coding. 

It is also very important to make sure that coding is fun for your child and that it is something that they look forward to, while also learning. In Scratch (one of the most popular introductory coding softwares), kids are able to pick their own characters and draw their own backgrounds, along with uploading photos from the internet. Encouraging kids to make games and code using characters from games or shows they already like can make it a lot more fun for them. This will allow them to see coding as not just a class, but a place where they can express their creativity. Their own games will inevitably be better if they are passionate about them.

The last, and most important aspect of introducing your child to coding is remaining supportive of them. From helping them with the little things like reading off a block in Scratch to helping them come up with their ideas for their own game, kids will ultimately feel much more excited when they feel supported and encouraged by their parents. Asking your kid about their coding and keeping them engaged during classes is a great place to start! I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to introduce your child to coding.

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