Now is A Great Time to Learn Coding

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Now is A Great Time to Learn Coding

One of the most important skills in modern-day is the ability to code. As the world becomes more digital, the need for skilled coders increases as well. That is where we come into the equation. Here at Code With Us, we are making the most of our passion by spreading the knowledge of coding to all those who desire it.

The world is undoubtedly going through a tough time right now. The onset of COVID-19 has changed life as we know it. These changes have forced us to adapt and find new avenues of productivity. One of these ways is the new medium of teaching coding skills, Online!

We were founded in 2016 in Silicon Valley, CA. From there we expanded to teach at 8 locations and more than 40 school campuses around the San Francisco Bay area. We really decided to go big to spread knowledge and started our online coding platform in 2018. Currently, we are teaching over 4600 students from all over the world using all our platforms, online, in-person and school campuses. Besides the U.S, now we have students from Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia learning various programming languages, robotics, virtual reality, 3D printing and creative game design.

Our classes are available for anyone from the age of 5 to 18. With a crew of experienced coders as our teaching staff, we have been expanding and sharing our knowledge during the lockdowns like never before using our Online platform. Our teachers give personal attention to our students, giving customized lessons and projects based on their interests and learning ability. Our teachers explain and break down every step of the code and its purpose while students work on their projects. Our students actively participate in coding competitions, often winning them. Their performance extends to Hackathons organized by large corporations and groups.

While the world continues to sort out the current situation, children must keep up their learning so that they can come out stronger and more prepared for adult life. Our coding classes teach more than 15 different languages, like Scratch, Python, JavaScript, C++ and Unity to get kids prepared for any field of coding they prefer. Our classes also teach other qualities and skills like teamwork, problem solving and creativity. After all, coding is not meaningful without context in which to use it. We are also the preferred partner of Google, Salesforce, HP, Intel and many other large corporations for kids/family coding events at their corporate campuses.

We are looking to expand our service even further. Recently we have hired more qualified teachers from top-tier universities, heavily invested in building a great curriculum and solidified our learning management platform to make it easier for students and parents. Our portal allows anyone to sign up and immediately begin learning.

We are always listening to our customer feedback, and with that, we are moving forward, improving, expanding and adding more students every day. Our goal is to continue to spread the knowledge of coding to as many people as we can.

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