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How do Code With Us Events Help During a Pandemic

Diana Martinez

The last year has been difficult for everybody around the world. Humans are naturally social creatures, and we’ve been focused to stay locked inside away from our friends and family. This has been especially hard for children, as they are used to being able to play with their friends all day long at school. Now, we’ve all been forced to sit in front of our computers. 

This is where Code with Us events can come in. Code with us events are an opportunity for kids to connect with each other while having fun and also learning something new. In a sense, they’re similar to the role that school usually plays in a kids life. Code with us events are designed to go beyond a typical coding class to encourage interaction between students. It is important to have this interaction especially during a pandemic because it allows students to meet other people of their own age. 

One of the things that has been lost this year is our interpersonal skills. Adults and children alike have forgotten the feeling of meeting each other and having new people come into their lives that weren’t there before. This is especially harmful for kids, as they usually are always meeting each other. Code with us events are very helpful for combatting this and are a great opportunity for students to learn and have fun with each other.