Alaska K-12 Computer Science Standards

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K-12 Computer Science Standards

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K-12 Computer Science Standards in Alaska

The Alaska Computer Science Standards are meant to establish a baseline literacy in computer science for all Alaskan students and provide guidance for designing curriculum, assessments, and teacher preparation programs. The standards represent a vision in which all students, from a young age, engage in the concepts and practices of computer science. From kindergarten through 12th grade, students will develop new approaches to problem solving that harness the power of computational thinking, while not only becoming users, but creators of computing technology. Code With Us provides full-year grade specific K-12 Computer Science curriculum that aligns with the Alaska K-12 Computer Science standards.


Alaska K-12 Computer Science Standards (pdf)

Standards by Grades

Kindergarten - Word

1st Grade - Word

2nd Grade - Word

3rd Grade - Word

4th Grade - Word

5th Grade - Word

6th Grade - Word

7th Grade - Word

8th Grade - Word

High School - HSL1 (Word) | HSL2 (Word)