California K-12 Computer Science Standards

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K-12 Computer Science Standards

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K-12 Computer Science Standards in California

The California Computer Science Standards are based on computer science core concepts and core practices, aligned to the K12 Computer Science Framework at The standards were developed by educators (members of the State Board of Education-appointed Computer Science Standards Advisory Committee), utilizing work done by the Computer Science Teachers Association. The standards are designed to be accessible to each and every student in California. The standards inform teachers, curriculum developers, and educational leaders to ensure all students receive quality computer science instruction. 

Code With Us provides full-year grade specific K-12 Computer Science curriculum that aligns with the California K-12 Computer Science standards. Each standard includes a descriptive statement as well as examples for classroom application. Examples are not meant to be prescriptive nor compulsory. Rather, they are designed as general suggestions. Educators are encouraged to design computer science learning experiences according to their local capacity and context, to meet the needs of their students.

To learn more about specific California state standards, you can visit California Department of Education website.