Arkansas K-12 Computer Science Standards

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K-12 Computer Science Standards

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K-12 Computer Science Standards in Arkansas

The Arkansas Computer Science and Computing Standards for Grades K-8 provide an introduction to computing concepts which are to be embedded across content areas and are intended to support existing classroom learning activities. The standards support critical thinking through the essential skills of computational thinking and algorithmic problem solving. The course strands, content clusters, and content standards are to be taught in an integrated manner, not in isolation. Integration of basic computer science skills and knowledge through practical classroom experiences promote connections to all subject areas and to the real world.

Code With Us provides full-year grade specific K-12 Computer Science curriculum that aligns with the Arkansas K-12 Computer Science standards. When appropriate, educators should determine and implement the most beneficial student collaboration strategies (e.g., pairs, small group, whole group) for optimal learning. Formal assessment of these standards is not required.

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Arkansas K-12 Computer Science Standards by Grades

Grades K-4 Standards (pdf)

Grades 5-8 Standards (pdf)

Grade 9 to 12 Standards (High School)

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (pdf)

Computer Engineering (pdf)

Cybersecurity (pdf)

Data Science (pdf)

Game Development and Design (pdf)

Mobile Application Development (pdf)

Networking (pdf)

Programming (pdf)

Robotics (pdf)