Washington K-12 Computer Science Standards

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K-12 Computer Science Standards

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K-12 Computer Science Standards in Washington

Effective and relevant computer science education is essential to achieving our vision that “every student is ready for college, career, and life.” While attention to computer science education has increased in recent years, a lack of awareness about its content and potential impact is widespread. The Washington State Computer Science K–12 Learning Standards are designed to enhance teacher understanding and improve student learning so that students are better equipped for college, career, and life.

Code With Us provides full-year grade specific K-12 Computer Science curriculum that aligns with the Washington K-12 Computer Science standards. Washington is committed to implementing high-quality computer science instruction to:

1. Increase the opportunity for all students to gain knowledge of computer science.

2. Introduce the fundamental concepts and applications of computer science to all students, beginning at the elementary school level.


Washington K-12 Computer Science Standards (pdf)

Standards by Grades

Grade K-2 Standards (pdf)

Grade 3-5 Standards (pdf)

Grade 6-8 Standards (pdf)

Grade 9-10 Standards (pdf)

Grade 11-12 Standards (pdf)

Standards by Concepts

Algorithms and Programming (pdf

Computing Systems (pdf)

Data and Analysis (pdf)

Impacts of Computing (pdf)

Networks and the Internet (pdf)